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Solidarity Network’s Victory: Former Casa Della Pasta Worker Got His Pay

A struggle for the rights of two former workers of Casa Della Pasta, that lasted for several months, has finally arrived to a victorious end. One of the workers, Ahmed, got his pay for the last month. We are glad that the victory was achieved by solidarity against and public pressure on bosses. A short summary of the story below:Two workers from the Casa Della Pasta Italian restaurant were fired after the employer found out that they are trying to establish a union and demand their rights. The workers were trying to achieve contracts to non-Lithuanian citizens (two workers from Pakistan and India), equal pays for equal work (the immigrants were paid 50 cent per hour less than Lithuanian citizens), better working conditions, proper scheduling, and respect of workers‘ dignity.

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2370€ paid off after visit from Prague solidarity network – SOL!S

Dirty hard work, night shifts and no contract. All they had was a lot of promises of signing a contract soon and getting the money they deserve. The boss in the Prague foodstore Globus was paying mostly on time and even gave them a pay rise after doing some extra work. But one day, after three workers came back from holidays, he just said no contract and no payment for the last month. An easy way to make money, some might think. But not with our heroes. All year long, they were coming for their money and didn’t give their exboss a rest. Once again, they got a lot of promises and sometimes even a little money to leave them with hope.

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Prague solidarity network supported fight ZSP (Zwiazek Syndikalistow Polski) for better working conditions and fair pay in the Amazon and Manpower

On Thursday afternoon, 29 January, approximately ten activists met in front of Manpower agency branch in Sokolovská street in Prague, expressing solidarity with ZSP (Zwiazek Syndikalistow Polski, Union of Polish
Syndicalists), who fight for better working conditions and higher wages in two Amazon stores in Poland.

As most of the Amazon stores’ employees are provided by Manpower, theobjective of our action was clear. Three of us entered the agency to deliver protest letter with demands, while others were handing out leaflets and informing the passersby about the situation. We have informed the manager of the branch about the problems of polish workers in Amazon stores
and asked him to convey our message to the polish central of Manpower, which he promised to do. Our interview with the manager was overheard by the employees and several clients of the agency. After several minutes we went outside and spread the banner bearing words: STOP EXPOITATION IN
AMAZON AND MANPOWER” , seen by passersby and also full trams passing by on Sokolovská street. We distributed dozens of leaflets and talked with some of the clients coming to the Manpower branch. Číst celé