Avedonna agency pay off Denisa after one visit

We are happy to announce that in the case of the unpaid wages of the babysitter, which we wrote about in August, victory has been reached. Denisa has received the wage she was owed for the last month that she worked at the Avedonna Agency. Denisa tried to solve the problem through official channels, including a lawyer. But the reality was such that she would have to pay more for the lawyer than she was owed by the agency. Denisa’s boss, Ms Svobodová, also stopped taking phone calls and for a while it was impossible to find her at the headquarters of the agency. From our experience this is a classic situation where the employer is avoiding contact with the person they owe money to and expect the matter to fizzle out. But this time everything was different.

Denisa contacted Prague solidarity network SOL!S. We agreed on a method and went to the contact address of the agency for the purpose of giving the employers an appeal to pay the unpaid wage, but no one was to be found there. It was almost impossible to contact Ms Svobodová by phone, e-mail or the physical address of the agency.

That is why we set up a meeting ostensibly for the purpose of getting a job minding children. To the surprise of Ms Svobodová, instead of a mother with children she was greeted by a group of activists of SOL!S together with her erstwhile employee. After a short verbal confrontation Ms Svobodová promised she would once more look into the receipts and we set up the next meeting. During the next two visits the whole owed amount of 5500,- was paid.

We want to use this message to draw attention to the activities of the solidarity network and to spread an appeal to other babysitters who did not receive the full payment for their services – we know Denise was not the only one.

You can contact SOL!S here https://solis.451.cz/kontakt/
Follow our web page : https://solis.451.cz


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