2370€ paid off after visit from Prague solidarity network – SOL!S

Dirty hard work, night shifts and no contract. All they had was a lot of promises of signing a contract soon and getting the money they deserve. The boss in the Prague foodstore Globus was paying mostly on time and even gave them a pay rise after doing some extra work. But one day, after three workers came back from holidays, he just said no contract and no payment for the last month. An easy way to make money, some might think. But not with our heroes. All year long, they were coming for their money and didn’t give their exboss a rest. Once again, they got a lot of promises and sometimes even a little money to leave them with hope.

After a year, these workers got in touch with us and asked for help. No more then one visit and a letter was needed to get all their money back. Just three days after our visit, we got a message that all of the three former employees got their money to the last penny.
Are You having trouble to get the money You deserve? Get in touch with Your local solidarity network or start Your own with Your friends. Don’t know how? http://portlandsolidarity.org/startasolidaritynetwork/

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